Fast Five | Walmart’s FTC Troubles, Amazon v. Trigo, & A Bed Bath “We Told You So”

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This is a podcast episode titled, Fast Five | Walmart’s FTC Troubles, Amazon v. Trigo, & A Bed Bath “We Told You So”. The summary for this episode is: In today's Omni Talk Retail Fast Five Podcast, sponsored by Microsoft, the A&M Consumer and Retail Group, Takeoff, and Sezzle, Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga: - Took another victory lap on their long held position that Mark Tritton’s tenure at Bed Bath & Beyond would be short-lived. - Highlighted the importance of Trigo’s second autonomous grocery store implementation with Rewe in Berlin, which places it squarely in the lead as the “non-Amazon” option in the battle for checkout-free grocery retailing. - Lauded Amazon for rolling out a new analytics platform for CPGs that works off its own “Just Walk Out” technology. - Praised Gap for doing something every retailer should do – i.e. invest in lab stores. - And closed with a question about just how far up the leadership ladder Walmart’s FTC troubles over money transfers could go. There’s all that, plus muscle biopsies, fake tanning on a budget, and Anne’s new favorite alcoholic beverage that can only be described as a “Hot Mezz.” To learn more about the A&M Consumer & Retail Group, visit: To learn more about Takeoff, visit: To learn more about Sezzle, visit: Plus, check out our Top 10 ranking in Feedspot’s 60 Top Retail Podcasts: Music by
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Hello, you are listening to the that's why I've brought you in partnership with Microsoft, the A&M consumer and Retail Group, take off and stubble yummy talk fast by podcast. Is a podcast that we hope makes me feel a little smarter than most importantly. A little happier each week to today is June 30th. I'm your house and mazinga, all the top headlines Making Waves in the world of omni-channel retailing. Chris, and how you doing today? You got a lot of energy going into Fourth of July weekend because I've asked my body is riddled with Oprah opioids right now. And I had a muscle biopsy at mail or this week and they have been barely able to walk all week, but made it into the black a studio today. So,

Yeah, I'm like I'm trying to let you know. I got the caffeine going to try to get me out of this stupor that I'm in. But you know, I'm here. I'm ready to go. Ready to drop some knowledge like it's hot and like always you just can't resist getting a terrible line from a rap song. Watch with bilateral dental school friends coming into town okay her and hurt her husband and her two little chitlins are staying with are staying at our house this weekend. OK. Google. How did the fireworks or do you like go to Wisconsin to get your fireworks? I think I'm smoking pizza tomorrow. Smoking. PJs are doing that tomorrow and then the rest making pizza in the snow.

Okay, sure. But yeah, I know, I think it's her. It's the woman is Cummings birthday and tell me to smoke some pizza. And then we haven't figured out for the July yet cuz there's some thought that they might actually leave and go back to Chicago on 4th of July. And I'm so we don't know yet how many you have like you have like the Iron Chef Tournament of Champions. I just got the secret ingredient this morning. Like what is the secret ingredient? And then the secret ingredient is poor. We got it this morning. My mom was in a very concerned about making sure to give us time, how many courses you have to make sure you get extra points for red, white and blue flare like the show.

God, I hope not for so, disgusting, pork for everybody, Fourth of July weekend, reviews this week, we've got a great review, this is another really good one. I love this one, it comes to us from FPL Urban advisors, please tell us who you guys are too, because I'm still dying to know who all these people are. But anyway, here's what they had to say. Seriously, the best retail podcast five stars, fun. Funny. Because fun wasn't enough yet, dad funny, smart, or she and you acknowledge Grace, Jones birthday, a few weeks ago, and your guests are just as smart and sharp, thanks for your perspective. Next time, you're in Chicago speaking, let us know if you do a kill Rodger Moore's. Last James Bond movie had come on a swell. I was also a rockstar in the 80s for like she like one famous song or something too, if I remember, right? But that was a very specific thing that

This person likes about the show. How? All right, that's that. That's why we do it. That's why we drop those lines. Oh my gosh. Well pleased if you are listening it's our weekly. Reminder to make sure to give us a review on Apple podcast, start the podcast. If you're on Spotify, Google Amazon music you know the drill but please follow And subscribe so that we can keep making all this on me. Talk to retail content possible for all of you and one day Chris will definitely read your review your get to it. This week lined up in chronological order in oh my gosh let's do that in a spreadsheet Chris let's get to the headlines in today's Fast, Five. We've got news on Trego and rubber launching their second much larger grocery store in Berlin Amazon unveiling. Its new physical retail store, analytics service gaps plan to build for labs or within it for lab stores. Excuse me, within within its headquarters, which is why I'm also wearing my one piece of Gap clothing today for them watching on on YouTube.

The hot water in which a Walmart now finds itself with the FTC, got to hear about that one. But first, we take off with big news and I think this may be the first time we've ever led the show with this company but big news out of Bed Bath & Beyond the first time. I don't know, I don't know. Maybe, I think. Yes, we learned of the news yesterday morning from CNBC, but Mark, Tritton is officially out as CEO. A Bed Bath & Beyond the news came on, word of a 24% drop in same-store sales and a 21% drop in e-commerce sales over the prior quarter, out of an independent, Drago multiple options. She's an independent director on the board and she will now step in as interim, CEO Chris, this is another week. I think where you get to like, do your little

Victory dance or whatever you do in these scenarios. But what are your thoughts on this one? Has fired but but you know, good traveling that. But I do take some pride in it. I guess I would say too but I don't know if there's a difference between traveling and taking Pride but but anyway and because the joke is so easy. I'm going to make it today and here's my thoughts on this. First of all my thoughts on this Earth that I guess his job was not scored a court sequentially stable as he led us to believe Bed Bath & Beyond's market. Share was which will allow me. Talk fans will recognize that joke pretty easily but your to me at the end of the day and like you said, and I've been incredibly vocal on this perhaps more than any, I would actually say perhaps more than anyone very, very beginning my leg in the sand on this, because I never liked the higher and I didn't like to hire for two reasons. One, I hated the private label strategy. Exact wrong thing to do would be talked about on the show Ad nauseam.

But in summary for those, maybe they're near the show, to me, it introduced a ton of risk and you just torment and put you head-to-head with the big guys. Like Target Walmart Wayfair, and ultimately, it doesn't answer the question which is fundamental, which is, why are people coming to Bed Bath & Beyond to begin with? Because even if you make grape, private label, products are still Bibles online. Why am I going to the store? How do you find amylase off in that issue? And then to, which I think is also really important in the context of the story. He was given way way too much credit for what he did at Target, as you always joking. And target has always had private label Brands and all he did was he was he was in pain, you're there. When they re marketed then they rebranded them. Right? Until the question that I always like to ask, you would Target have gotten to that place without him. One hundred percent. Yeah. You think that with oh my god without a doubt without a doubt that there's no doubt in my mind that Tony would have gotten to the same place without him. And so the question is, like they just give me his exact exact tire from Bed Bath & Beyond.

To see where they go next with this, I would have gone person in the opposite direction. I would have leveraged actual National brands that they had more and played them up more. I think that's the way to do it to the play at the cashier that you can get on your shelves how to do a Target and Walmart but hey that's my take. Yeah I mean when I read this I was not surprised at all. He was getting paid a lot of money like I brought up the activist letter. Yeah, he was getting paid so much money that Ryan Cohen letter, when he kind of child them, all out for not producing work, that's getting people inside a Bed Bath & Beyond. Like, we just keep kept seeing and still even like, within the last couple of weeks, they're still putting out own brand of their strategy which like, for me during a pandemic, like, there was no discussion of outside of maybe like curbside pickup where they were trying to make this experience better. Or if you do, bring people in for those like well-known brands at Bed Bath & Beyond can offer a customer, there is no reason especially in a home category like the home category.

Blowing up during the last two years because people had a lot of money to burn, they were investing in their homes and their spaces and, you know, spending money to make their lives better at in their houses. And there was, they should have been winning. This should have been testing much more outside of own brand and after three years, there's no, no more reason to shop there than it was when he started, which is, which is I think the the issue for me and Bed Bath & Beyond has a hole, right? And actually bring up another point to it should be sent to me on on, on social media tools that I was thinking. He said, he placed an order for like a special soap that Bed Bath & Beyond. So carried, you ordered six of them and he got six separate deliveries, which is important because it shows you, that you can't fix what's going on with a retailer from a branding strategy. It's the product, I talked about all the time, like I have to fix it fundamentally from the ground up and that shows me that there's still a lot of Route issues in in their fulfillment, in their army Channel capabilities overall. But your last points you that thing is great is he made a ton of money on this. So maybe I do Rubble in this a little bit B.

If you can make that much money on the way up when you're not effectively doing anyting, you better, we'll be able to take the criticism on the way down. That's what I think. And that's why I actually think we do what we do. Because it's important to point this out along, the whole journey here as well. Let's go to headline number to you. And that is where ever has now opened up. Its second. Second time is grocery store with 30, right in Berlin, according to our friends, at the retail Insight Network, the new store comes on the heels of their first store that launched in Cologne last year. Which oh yeah by the way, check out our cool video on YouTube. We did a Supermarket Sweep of the store she couldn't get in there because there's all kinds of Supermarket Sweep way to shoot the video to show you how fast the experiences. And yeah, there's a cool thing this store that they announce is going to be roughly twice the size of the cologne store which we just visited in Europe. And that's how it was between two, that roughly two thousand, three thousand square feet. It too will be a hybrid.

That offers both traditional check out and the fully autonomous experience. And here's this is key, this is big difference. It also allows customers to buy fruits and vegetables by weight, instead of, by units. Yes, your thoughts. I love this. I mean, I have two things like our biggest takeaway from our European tour of the tree go stores. We visited another store and ALDI Nord store. And this first register that Chris mentioned and I think the thing that was most surprising as they feel like real grocery store if we're not. Like we're not in this world where it's like this tiny box of a convenience store, where you can get like one banana more like prepackaged apples, like it felt like a normal grocery store experience, but I think is the biggest thing that we need to talk about Trigo not Amazon, but another major computer vision, AI platform. It has figured out how to do Grocery. And I think that's really important, especially when you talk about like the weighted scales.

The self-dispensing Beverages and foods like these are Big challenges that they've had to overcome in the grocery space and I think you know they've shown that there's other retailer is rather. The second largest Grocer in Germany that can be strong contenders when we are seeing what Amazon's bring to the market. In the next few months. You're dead right to like we went into another rabbit store in Cologne and it was exactly the same. Only difference is it's running on a just walk out technology platform or something akin to it right? Yeah. I mean I'm with you I think this announcement is really big and we were talking about a little bit earlier I can't even put it it made me a little bit bigger like I think it's I think it's huge and full disclosure for those listing tree, goes up a sponsor of this show of this very show and they also helped going to call it out. They can help us pay for equity in Europe recently, too, but I have no qualms in saying it because I think we try really hard to hit your wagons to the copies that we think are making hay in this space. But if you look at it, it's true. Like second store will grow.

It's like you said now, 4006 thousand square feet, yet that's a doubling the size, which is roughly. If you look back the same time, I'm in trajectory by which Amazon doubled, their square footage, right? Thanks important. Cuz it shows, your tree goes on that same path. Amazon, just got started a little bit further and your point like Trigo solely in the leave here in my opinion. Now, a long side of Amazon at on having Tech this robust enough for a full-scale grocery operation for the future. And so while everyone else has been making hay with convenience, store, operators and deliberately going after them. You know, they look at the afi's the or iPods, I said that. Wrong standards all those guys, Trigo showing like you said there are potential long-term option if you want to explore this without Amazon. Yeah, I think the other thing is that you, this is a hybrid store, while we are opinion, is that you do? If you're really going to go for this, that what Amazon's doing is probably the right way to go where you're just like, going all in. There is still going to be a learning curve for the retailer is especially the grocery industry to get

So Trigo, I think the ability to be able to kind of take that step and offer, like, we can do a hybrid store in this large footprint or we can do a just walk out version you know in the same footprint will work with you to get to that point in time. I think is another thing to that will help more adoption with this. Yeah. Absolutely. You know it's funny to like this and yeah also happens to be our put you on the spot questions. Are you ready? Yeah. Alright. I was like, moving on to the next headline years, you were bringing it up on me, I can't let you move on. Whatever the hell, this one until the end of our conversation to the kind of spurred on you. Give, I feel like I've got in the last few of them, but all right. Here's the questionnaire. And M, we expect, most eyes will be drawn to the cashier. This walk out of experience and Roberta Thomas, grocery store, announcement. Not on what other use cases. Would you be excited to employ with the additional data? Be sophisticated ceiling mounted cameras can provide you and

Okay, well, I think that the biggest thing is once you've invested and putting the hardware in your store. So the cameras, the Shelf sensors, like the total package that enables a cashier's, check out experience like we're seeing here. I think that it unlocks the ability down the road, once once it, you can get the, the compute power to be doing so many things like you do, dwell time in front of displays customer interaction with products, which will be very helpful for Brands customer Journey mapping, like sending targeted offers people like all of these other things that are all like separate Technologies right now, can eventually be run through the use of this setup, which I think justifies the investment that a lot of retards are going to have to make for the stuff. I think, you know, we're just going to continue to see the the validity for investing in the Senate to 100% And like, you know, we covered a lot of those use cases at in a ref like when we were doing the Innovation for Lenovo and a video like we talked, we talked to Accu management company. We talked

A customer experience, analytics company, talk to you, you know, ASAP Assets Protection uses are. So all those are dead, right? And you know what? This cost too much for me to and is actually got another review, this recently this week, on a club that we put on Amazon Fresh, it was an old clip and it came to us from Steve pd-1, which I, I might know who that is. I'm not sure, but, but he might not like what I have to say, but he hears what he said. You said, I hated my amazonfresh experience. It's like a dystopian future, depressing, cold and call us employees. Seem unhappy to work, their prices were higher than local market. I won't be returning and said that I know, right? But today, I would say one personal, love the comment, but I have fundamentally disagree with what he saying. Their theirs is a premise, it's there that I think his flight, which is your base in the technology on the experience, right? And yes, Amazon's new grocery like the other private figured it out there probably make it as inviting as your traditional local grocery store, but that's not the point here, at the point is what you said.

For which is this can be put into any grocery Spirits or it's getting to the point where it can be and don't you take out if you hit take your favorite grocery Spears and now you say you can just walk out and you can have all those other benefits to then you have something, right? And that's what we're on the precipice year, which by the way, is a great segue to a nice headline. It sure is. So, heavily number three is that Amazon has launched a new physical retail store analytics service, according to an Amazon press release this week. The new service dubbed store analytics a very basic provides brands with aggregated. An anonymize insights about the performance of their product promotions and AD campaigns. And just walk out technology and Amazon desk art enabled, Amazon, go and amazonfresh stores in the US. So Brands will now have access to details on how their products are discovered, considered and purchase in applicable story as to help inform decisions related, to selection promotions, and AD campaigns Edition.

Advertisers running into her campaigns such as digital signage, will see Associated performance metrics in their ad campaign reports, Chris, we already kind of touched on this a little bit, but at, what would you add to this one? What I think that there's some wrinkles here to that are important. Call. Like, yes, we talked about the other day, other use cases for these types of platform. But I think this is significant now because Amazon is saying they're going to do it and they're going to provide this service to the brand or retailers that are willing to part with partner with them on their continued expansion of Amazon Fresh SoDo. Shots fired out the lady name to, that's really funny. But what I mean this is, I mean, we had shot for me and Chad last remaining on the show talking about the value that he saw this as a former cbgc Mo around the state of that. They can provide, you can see what's on shelf, you can see how much is there. You can see what price it is. You can see how this position relative to competitors and you can access those results. It goes back to before this

Not just about just walk out technology right about this, it's about digitizing our understanding of the physical store. So we can understand how people shop in the same way that we understand me, Connors how a mouse music Raza browser, that's why this is so important. That's why this whole damn thing is. I called in a raid, the greatest retail innovation of the next 30 Years. I know I'm going to get for being hyperbolic on that or, you know, pronoun hyperbole. But I really believe it. And if you really believe it, if you're George Costanza fan, then it's not hyperbole, right? I mean, that's just the way it is. But I mean, she just going to eat this up something like a prime discount last week. It's another bullet in their chamber that they can use to make the stores more effective over time. And this is not like a now play, like, going back to the video quote, or the video comment is a 10-year play of your play and that's why it's so damn important. Yeah. I think the other thing I point out about this too is, especially as we step away from Amazon. But into the other grocery store examples that you were talking about, I mean, if you are a grocery

You are building a retail media Network like this which is which a talking about the innovations that and the technologies that are going to improve and bring in revenue for retailers. Over the course of the next Amino immediate three to five years to be able to have like you're saying the visibility into what's happening in store and what's happening in the third party delivery services even and what's happening online and to be able to revive the cpgs with that complete view of first-party data is huge. So again, I think like you're saying it's going to start to make the case which it's taken a little while but making the case for investing in this kind of Technology, just walk out technology. The computer vision in AI technology for retailers. That wasn't probably there before but now it's it's critical. And if I put my future hat on the other thing that this is going to start to promote is the use of electronic shelf labels, right? Because first of all I never know what they never have confidence that what they've bought or security

Retards is actually on Chelten the way it is. That's why they sent all these third-party services in to check their work. And then also they have no confidence in the pricing. It's being put on shelf because the science fall down all the time. So electronic shelf labels coordinated with cameras to give them real-time visibility to the actions. They can probably employment on their own without having even negotiated with the Retailer's anymore is massive folks. That's really where things are going and it's going to be goddamn fun to watch. Yeah. Alright Chris, let's go to headline number for. All right, I guess that and I put on a put on my guard. This is the only piece of Gap clothing that I owned by the same thing. Is I got the gas. I have so much. I bet that's like my favorite. So I know it's embarrassing. But my favorite spot to shop outside of like my local boutiques but like, yeah, gas tank top shorts the weekend from the stroke like it actually

Text me for a while now. But anyway, yeah, I mean, turn on where things are, but anyway, this week, yes, Gap, Inc announced today or they're going to build for retail spaces at it. Street headquarters, in San Francisco, that will serve as Labs. According to retail dive in a gap, press release, the stores will serve as places to quote test and you store Technologies consumer experiences and product Innovations. And quote, the brands represented will be Gap. Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta and will occupy nearly 18,000 square feet of retail space. On the city's, Embarcadero Waterfront near the ferry terminal and inside of gaps. Street headquarters and I'm guessing you love this. I do you know, I am I just said but I'm a ride or die Gap fan. I want them to succeed so badly like so much and I think they deserve a lot of credit for this. You know, they have nothing to lose at this point and their least doing something. I mean, they're giving

Each brand little over 4,000 square feet to tasks. Like, that's big. That's a big investment especially in this location where, you know, it's like their Flagship location and what other, you know, Legacy mall retailer is trying anything like this. I mean, are we seeing Journeys or the Buckle or like any of these people out there testing or trying to like put their Concepts in front of people? No, Buckle slab? I mean, whatever. I feel. So first thing that came to mind but I think it's really smart to that, they're putting it in this location because you have a good mix of Taurus and like that trip type. And you have a good mix of like the people working down in San Francisco like in their day-to-day, you know, going and getting on the ferry and going back home. Like that you were going to get a lot of information from this and they have free license to try absolutely anything here because it's a lap store. Like I love it. Let's see what sticks let's go from there. I mean, this could, maybe maybe this could have been something Bed Bath & Beyond could have tried, and maybe that would have

This some degree. I mean, I love it too. I think I I, I think I'd take it even further. I think every retailer should have this approach. Every retailer should be putting something like this in the basement of their headquarters. It's a page out of Amazon's book, right? And you do it because it gives you a license to experiment with your employees. And that's number one like, you know, the point where your headquarters are, you might be a drive to location, right? But that's okay cuz you can experiment with your employees, but if you can get your customers and they're two, they're going to know. It's in your Flagship location is going to be a different experience. They're going to give you more license to try things that you otherwise wouldn't and they're going to want to check it out like you're going to get traffic to the store because it's it sounds cool. Like they want to experiment with it and see it. Yeah. The location of this is really important and I used to work there. Yeah right. And they closed our Flagship Store on Market Street. The clothes another store, nearby and Embarcadero Center so that it's really vague in terms of gaps presents in that area now. So, yeah, it fits right in but it's me, it's an absolute must. And I mean like, you look at all the

We've covered a lot of copies have had success with this type of model Revell. We just talked about that, right? Amazon, go same approach to Sam's Club now, look at all the Innovation is spun off. From that. Even Walmart self-checkout, store falls into this pocket doesn't even have to be in your headquarters, but you have to be doing concept, work concept work, it's all grounded in that. And so yeah for me three words, love, love, love okay. Well you're not going to love the last headline and I think I kind of love the headline. I don't know what time and I love the out. The outcome of it. Yeah that's a better question. I've Chris the FTC is suing Walmart in said Tuesday that its suit Walmart in a civil lawsuit, over the Retailer's failure to protect customers using money transfer services at its stores from fraudsters costing those customers hundreds of million

Dollars over the years, the agency said, Walmart quote, turned a blind eye. While scammers took advantage of, its failure to properly secure the money transfer services offered at Walmart stores in the SEC, said in a press release, citing Walmart's failure to properly trained employees, or warn customers, Walmart may have even use procedures that aided the fraudsters. The agency said, Chris. This is, this is no no monkeying around is my grandpa used to say like this is not good enough. Yeah, I know I've been to that one. I don't I don't love the headline but it's definitely got my attention. I mean, yeah, I think you're right. It's completely ominous. You know, if anyone has any information on this, let us know because this kind of sounds like a Woodward and Bernstein thing we got potentially going on here. Cuz you what I know and my buddy, don't know, my buddy is was just named it like head Federal prosecutor in Idaho recently and he told me some that for you. I'll never forget. He's like the government doesn't bring a case against you, unless they think it's Ironclad which tells you a lot about the state of what

Else is going on politically right now too. But and I've always I never forgot that. So that tells me that they think they have something possibly with airtight proof, which makes me wonder. This is a big question for me. How far up the Walmart leadership? Bladder, does this go? You know, does it stop with? Whoever was in charge of this program, is it go further up to say Doug mcmillon? That's the question here, and it's going to be freaking fun to watch how this plays out. And it could be quite an alarm in here too. But, you know, hard to know, without more information right now. But you got to wonder? That's my big question is. How far up the ladder? Does it go? That's it. Should, I mean, a big problem for America's largest retailer? Especially, I'm, I'm upset about this, are you? Yeah, you seem a little. You seem a little agitated WalmartOne as we know, the closest and most convenient retailer for any four people in this country. To get a lot of those money transfer services and is a man truck driver for a lot of those families who are sending train

Send money home or wherever. And for me, the biggest pain for about this is that Walmart has been talking for the last year about all these efforts on how they're getting into the finance industry, they want to do their own money transfer services. They're trying to do financing for their customers and they're doing all of this other stuff without like looking under the covers at their own operation and allowing the stuff to happen. And people in innocent people were just working hard and trying to get by to be taking this money from them. Is I am livid. Yeah the fact that you're right I mean the fact that there's allusions to the that this was known and going on and was kind of deliberately shuffled under the rug like you're going to go roll out services in your employees. Don't even know how to do the services that you're offering in store right now. Like it's important. Yeah. Well that one that haven't been answering you working source to like I think that one's a little thin for me. Like that's kind of the throw on that you add into like hey you didn't do a

Job at training like it's just hard to train people in sports, you know. So I can put the complicit in the complicit nature. That is being potentially discuss tear of the leadership is, what is what? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if I can get behind that, right? But this is no different than, like, you can't sell cigarettes to somebody who's under 18 or liquor to somebody who's under 21 like there. It's a process just like any other or check out process like you should be able to. This is a, this is a thing that it has repercussions like we're seeing right now. If you don't do it, right? And I think that Walmart should have been putting more priority on making sure, especially as the rolling out their own services, like they are focused on this. And the date of this coming in about this, people were reviewing this to make sure that Walmart's going to go in that direction and they did not make sure that they possibly do. You start seeing this information? Somebody glossed over it. You, you have to put your own Financial Services on hold. If you're going to do that.

And did you read that PC the press release to you because I want to make sure I get it right and I don't have it in front of me. But busy, they said that there was there was a basic procedure in place. Where if you suspect fraud, still let it happen, like it's okay to let it happen is what they're saying. That's what you're alluding to to which, which is important. But Jesus in not going to be going to be wild to watch this one. It were only at Step 1 of this story to imagine, but like I said, if you got any information, let us know. We're all ears. Are they and what do the lightning round? First question, just in time for the 4th of July holiday, Alka-Seltzer, hangover relief with an assist from musician, T-Pain, which if you have not seen the behind-the-scenes story about T-Pain, watch it. I think it's on Netflix. It's like amazing of just about how he like started auto-tune and how it almost ruined his career in like Usher, try to find them on.

Playing like it's great. I highly recommend. Okay. But Chris, my question is, what is the greatest T-Pain song of all time? While I think of Griswold, I should be if you said plop plop. Fizz fizz. Oh, what a relief. It is wet with with that yet. Right. If you do that but I don't need to do that to know on a both thing, right? Wasn't that him so I can you name a song one song. Yeah. By your drink bed bath of turning off the air conditioning in its stores to save money this week and what is the most massively thing you've ever done to save money?

Drive, there's a tanning. Salon was like a dollar per minute to tan, which was like, cheaper in college. We had to get tan in the middle of the winter and be completely orange. So, my roommates and I would all carpool and drive, 30 minutes to get to Superior Wisconsin. We cross the border get there, and we would tag in to go to the tanning. Select somebody would do five minutes of tanning and then we tap in. And then the other person was going so that we can just get a little bit more tan, but only if like the $5 increments because they wouldn't let us do that, you had to buy like a package of so many minutes. And that's why I look orange and every photo of my backyard 2002-2004, nothing about self tanning beds, but like that was a stark reality to me when I moved here, like orange people are starting to go away finally but like maybe not but I meant we are. All right. And you feature in the works for its virtual assistant. Alexa that can read aloud.

Deceased loved ones voice based on just a short, I think it's 42nd recording of the person. If you were to have a deceased celebrity, be the voice of your Alexa. Who would you choose? Not to no-brainer Orson? Welles Orson Welles Citizen Kane. Man, greatest of all-time make the coffee in the park by Irish accent. If you could create a private label alcohol in your image, what type of liquor would it be? And what would it be called? Okay, I'm, I'm very proud of this one. I would create a drink in a can in a can that fits called the hot mess, the hot metal to be a spicy margarita with champagne in a can, in a can of spicy margarita.

They're The Wiz. It was like a margarita and champagne remember? No, it wasn't. But it needed some, it wasn't a fan. But I'm telling you bring that to the beach. You're all set for the 4th of July, for my God, that is the perfect one for you. That is the perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Blend of trashy and classy, which is a happy birthday today. To Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps and pushes mislead to the great Willie. Sutton the famous bank robber whom we have courted, many times on this show and who most important, you remind us to always go where the money is at. Remember, if you can only read a listen to One retail Block in the business, make it on me. Talk our tasks. Buy podcast is the quickest fastest rundown of all the week's, top news in our twice-weekly newsletter, tells you the top five things you need to know each day and also keep your special content exclusive. And just for you, and if it's all within the preview pane of your inbox, you can sign up today at Thanks for listening in. Please remember to like and leave us a review wherever you have.

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In today's Omni Talk Retail Fast Five Podcast, sponsored by Microsoft, the A&M Consumer and Retail Group, Takeoff, and Sezzle, Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga: - Took another victory lap on their long held position that Mark Tritton’s tenure at Bed Bath & Beyond would be short-lived. - Highlighted the importance of Trigo’s second autonomous grocery store implementation with Rewe in Berlin, which places it squarely in the lead as the “non-Amazon” option in the battle for checkout-free grocery retailing. - Lauded Amazon for rolling out a new analytics platform for CPGs that works off its own “Just Walk Out” technology. - Praised Gap for doing something every retailer should do – i.e. invest in lab stores. - And closed with a question about just how far up the leadership ladder Walmart’s FTC troubles over money transfers could go. There’s all that, plus muscle biopsies, fake tanning on a budget, and Anne’s new favorite alcoholic beverage that can only be described as a “Hot Mezz.” To learn more about the A&M Consumer & Retail Group, visit: To learn more about Takeoff, visit: To learn more about Sezzle, visit: Plus, check out our Top 10 ranking in Feedspot’s 60 Top Retail Podcasts: Music by